Vino thoughts

Posted while a bit under the influence because like they say, in vino veritas. 

Up until now, Madrid was not exactly striking my fancy. However, now that I have four months left, it feels scary to leave. I have not seen as much as I want to see. I have not explored as much in Europe as I should to feel comfortable to leave. 

Madrid recently has been a heaven. I love my new job. And whatever higher power there is has blessed me/(everyone in this city) with the most perfect weather possible. The tree directly in front of my balcony is happily blossoming. The air smells clean and as if it has been reborn. I guess techncially it has been reborn, and there is my explanation. 

Up until a month ago, I was beyond excited to head back to the states. To my people. To interact with people that don’t automatically ask me where I am from. This used to annoy me…the constant “Oh! You’re not from here, where are you from?” But now that it’s been a little while since the university I was attending (ICADE)  that is essentially a hell hole, I’m reconsidering staying in this vibrant city. The company I’m at (We Are Knitters) is treating me amazingly well, the weather is treating me as if I were a model on a date with their high school crush, there are just no complaints to be had. 

Life is good. I do believe that this is an attitude that anyone can attain. Not to say that I’m immune to the serious problems that occur in our world. They are horrible and disgusting, but unless you are immediately affected, I implore you to change your attitude to realize that you don’t have to live your life under a dark cloud. If you’re like me, living everyday like everyone else…working 9-7, there’s more to life. Whether or not you love your work, you have 14 hours a day, 98 hours a week, to realize what you want out of this world.

I implore you all to find what that is. Whether it be forming closer relationships with people you love, learning a new skill, or simply learning to love the city you’re in, there is more to grab out of this world we live in. <3 <3

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