My life as it currently stands

Having spent my most formative years in the Silicon Valley, followed by a move to Austin, TX where I went to high-school, I decided to trek my own path and gain my Bachelor's degree up in Boston. I studied International Business, which set me up to spend all of last year studying and working in Madrid. I hopped around Europe as much as I could while I was there, and now that I've graduated I'm excited to start writing the next chapter as it unfolds.

A Little Background

Mama is from El Salvador, and my dad is from Poland. As a first-generation American, with essentially no relatives in the US, I've been destined to travel from a young age. My passions include getting lost in foreign cities, eating delicious foods, cooking delicious foods, drawing abstractedly, and writing about the greatness life has to offer.

Contact Me!

Say hi! I'll probably say hi back.